How Proactiv+ products work together to help clear your skin

If you experience breakouts, it’s likely that you’ll have a long list of tried and tested products (including those perhaps given to you by a doctor), that you believe don’t work for your skin. It may be that a product isn’t right for you (i.e. by causing irritancy), or it may be that it doesn’t contain the right ingredients or sufficient amounts of active ingredients to be effective. New Proactiv Complete is the only system to contain CombiActivTM in addition to high-quality salicylic acid at an effective concentration. This has been tested extensively by dermatologists in several different research studies.  CombiActivTM is a unique and patented ingredient that effectively targets the four main causes of blemishes (clogged pores, excessive oil production, overproduction of blemish-causing bacteria and) inflammation and required 10 years of research to develop.  Using image and sebum analysis technology, Proactiv Complete has been shown in clinical trials to significantly and rapidly reduce oil quantity, pore size, and bacteria counts. Skin quality is significantly improved in as little as two weeks, with less numerous blackheads, clogged pores, and breakouts confirmed by dermatologists in over 86% of users after 8 weeks of use.

It is very important to realise that even with the right products, it can take time and perseverance to see results.  Although results may begin in as little as one week, it usually takes a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks to really see a significant improvement. That’s the reason behind our recommendation that you continue to use the Proactiv Complete three-step system twice daily for at least six weeks to achieve clearer, more radiant skin.

Should I expect any side effects?

Effective skincare products or treatments formulated to tackle breakouts can sometimes make the skin feel dry, tight or uncomfortable. Step 1 (Whipped Exfoliator) and Step 2 (Cream Gel Solution) of new Proactiv Complete have been carefully developed to gently yet effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin, while Step 3 (Water Gel Hydrator) moisturises the skin and helps to soothe any irritation and redness. It is therefore important that you use all three steps at each application to achieve your best results and limit any potential side effects.

Occasionally, a few more breakouts may appear in the early weeks, but don’t lose heart! This doesn’t mean Proactiv Complete products are making your skin worse, quite the opposite – it means they are working. At the start of your Proactiv journey, in addition to the blemishes you can see, there will be several invisible pimples ‘brewing’ underneath the surface of the skin, just waiting to erupt. Proactiv Complete products start to tackle these areas from day 1, helping to draw out the trapped dirt, sebum and skin debris. This may mean that your skin gets a little worse before it gets better. However, with continued use of the Proactiv Complete daily skincare system, once these areas have been treated, you should start to notice that you develop fewer new breakouts and that the spots that do appear clear more quickly and with less redness, tenderness, and scarring.

My skin starts to feel sensitive and dry, is that normal? What should I do?

Both salicylic acid and CombiActivTM are potent, effective, blemish-tackling ingredients found in the new Proactiv Complete 3-step system. They help to gently exfoliate the skin to sweep away any debris, oil, and bacteria that can lead to breakouts, and get deep into the pores to keep them clear and unclogged. One of the desirable actions of these ingredients is that they act (in part) by reducing the quantity and altering the composition of sebum (oil), which makes the skin less greasy. From time to time, people with more sensitive skin types may find that their skin occasionally feels a little too dry, although consistent and ample use of the Whipped Hydrator should counteract this. Steps 1 and 2 of Proactiv Complete should only be used twice daily and not be used with any other blemish-fighting products. Over-washing and harsh cleansers can strip away the protective skin barrier, leaving skin dry and vulnerable to bacteria. Avoid using soap too - the high pH of soap could over-dry the skin and can cause a compensatory surge in oil production, leaving skin in a confused state with an undesirable combination of dry and greasy patches. Sunbeds are also strongly discouraged - a common misconception is that UV light will kill blemish-causing bacteria and clear the skin. In reality, sunbeds may worsen breakouts, make the skin feel dry and more sensitive, and dramatically increase the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. 

Why should I use this 3-Step System?

If you have ever suffered from breakouts, you’ve most likely tried many different products to try to get rid of them and found the path to clear skin frustrating. With so many skincare products claiming to unclog pores, clear blemishes and prevent breakouts, knowing which ingredients to look out for can be overwhelming. No single non-prescription product effectively tackles the four major causes of breakouts (excessive oil production, clogged pores overproduction of breakout-causing bacteria and inflammation). New Proactiv Complete is different …

It’s a combination system… The three steps of the Proactiv Complete daily clear skin system have been designed to work together to provide a targeted and complete solution that works to control all of the causes of pimples and blackheads so you can now finally achieve clearer, more radiant skin. Patented CombiActiv technology combined with salicylic and glycolic acids help to gently exfoliate and sweep away any debris, oil and blemish-causing bacteria and get deep into the pores to keep them clear and unclogged. Keeping pores open leads to reduced pore size and a more even, radiant complexion, as reported in 79% of users.  The new Proactiv Complete 3-step system will also soothe existing blemishes and promote clearing by reducing inflammation, which leads to fewer breakouts, improved skin tone, and reduced pigmentation. So, if you want to achieve beautifully smooth and clearer skin, start your journey today with the new Proactiv Complete daily 3-step system.

Would you recommend this 3-Step System?

As a dermatologist, I have frequently seen how having even the odd blemish, never mind persistent breakouts, can really knock your self-esteem and confidence. When asked about non-prescription products, I only recommend the use of high-quality and cost-effective products that have been tested in clinical trials and deliver consistent results. The new Proactiv Complete 3-

step daily skin system includes several key ingredients that are safe, targeted and most of all, effective. These include:

  • 2% salicylic acid - one of the most effective acne-fighting non-prescription ingredients, salicylic acid is a great choice of exfoliant for those with breakout-prone and oily skin. Salicylic acid targets pimples by sloughing away dead skin cells that clog pores and lead to breakouts and also minimizes pore visibility.
  • CombiActivTM - a novel ingredient developed only for Proactiv Complete, CombiActivTM is shown in clinical trials to promote the shedding of dead skin cells and opening up pores, in addition to reducing oil (sebum) quantity. Oil composition is also changed, to make the pores a less pleasant place for blemish-causing bacteria to thrive. This helps to reduce the frequency of new blemishes and also cuts down on irritation, which leads to fewer red marks and a more even skin tone.
  • Glycolic acid - Glycolic acid loosens up the bonds between dead skin cells and gently exfoliates, to leave a more smooth and radiant complexion.

A regime with the new Proactiv Complete 3-Step System

What is the importance of keeping to a routine?

Establishing - and sticking to - a daily skincare routine always requires motivation, especially at the end of a long day! With this in mind, the expertly formulated Proactiv Complete daily clear skin system has been designed to deliver results in a targeted and simple way through three easy, complimentary steps. Blemishes are caused by the continuous production of excess dead skin cells, oil and bacteria, and so in order to counteract this and achieve the biggest improvement in your skin, it is essential that you cleanse, clear and hydrate in a twice-daily routine, every day. Proactiv Complete contains both salicylic acid and CombiActiv™, which get deep into the pores to keep them clear and unclogged. Follow all three steps both morning and night, and with regular and continuous use, you will finally be able to achieve and maintain beautifully smooth and clear skin. 

How long should I keep up this routine? Do I stop?

With today’s busy lifestyle, spending hours on your skincare routine is simply not practical. That’s why we have created a regimen that is targeted and effective to make your journey to clear skin simply. A regular and continuous skincare routine with Proactive Complete morning and evening is the best way for you to control blemishes, oil production and keep the bacteria that lead to blackheads and breakouts at bay. Many people stop using products (or relax a little on their skincare routine) once they have reached their goal of clear skin. However, breakouts frequently flare up again once you stop using products to counteract the build-up of grease and dirt within pores. This can lead to further areas of redness that can take many months to settle. It is therefore recommended that you use new Proactiv Complete twice a day, every day, to keep your skin looking fresh, clean and clear.

Will it stop my breakouts forever?

Your skin is programmed to behave in a way unique to you, and for some, unfortunately, this means a tendency to breakouts throughout the teenage years, the twenties, and for some, even into 

the thirties or later. Even with the most potent blemish-fighting treatments (including those prescribed by a dermatologist), there is a chance of breakouts returning.  The re-emergence of blemishes, blackheads and greasy skin can be associated with feelings of embarrassment, frustration and social isolation, which is why finding an effective skin-care routine that clears and prevents breakouts, yet also fits in easily with your lifestyle, is so important. Proactiv have created a no-nonsense regimen that is targeted and effective to make your journey to prolonged clear skin simple. In one study, after just two months of use, two-thirds of participants no longer felt embarrassed by their skin and 71% reported no impact on their social life or relationships. Over 90% felt the 3-step system was pleasant to use, gentle on the skin and most importantly, felt the regimen was just right in terms of frequency of use. So, if you have breakouts, don’t lose heart - with continuous, twice-daily use of Proactiv Complete, you can look forward to a clearer, healthier-looking, confidence-boosting complexion.

How often do I need to complete the 3-Step System?

Both day and night the skin continuously produces oil (sebum) and sheds dead skin cells into pores, which if left, causes clogging. Add in daytime pollution and dirt, and blemish-causing bacteria thrive, leading to the formation of blackheads and inflamed pimples. To keep pores clean, purified and open, the skin, therefore, needs to be cleansed twice a day, every day, with an effective regimen of products containing high-quality, effective ingredients. Each product in the Proactiv Complete 3 step system contains salicylic acid, one of the most effective spot-fighting non-prescription ingredients available. The Gel 

Cream Solution (Step 2) is also supercharged with new dermatologically-proven CombiActiv™ technology. Both salicylic acid and CombiActiv™ help to gently exfoliate the skin to sweep away any debris, oil, and bacteria, and get deep into the pores to keep them clear and unclogged. As well as being powerful at preventing breakouts, salicylic acid and CombiActiv™ will help soothe existing blemishes and promote clearer skin. This leads to improved skin tone, reduced pigmentation and a decrease in the appearance of pores.  While twice-daily cleansing is advised to achieve these results, we at Proactiv Complete believe that good skincare does not have to be complicated. That’s why we have created a regimen that is targeted and effective to make your journey to clear skin simply. Clinical studies of the 3-step system showed that 100% of users felt the Whipped Exfoliator (step 1) left their skin feeling clean, said the Gel Cream Solution (step 2) was easy to apply and did not leave a greasy film and stated that the Gel Hydrator (step 3) made their skin feel soft and smooth. The majority agreed that the 3-step system was simple and easy to use, with 92% happy to settle into a twice-daily routine with Proactiv Complete in order to achieve and maintain healthier-looking and clearer skin.

How long will it take to work/see results?

Results may begin in as little as one week, although it usually takes a minimum of four to six weeks to really see a significant improvement.  A spot typically ‘brews’ for weeks before it reaches the skin surface, and it can take four to six weeks to fully deep-clean the pores and clear the backlog. The key to success with new Proactiv Complete, therefore, is using all three steps, twice a day, every day, for at least one month before expecting to start seeing results, and then to keep using it to keep your skin looking clear and radiant.  In one study, after following this routine for 12 weeks, 79% of participants had less clogged pores, and 87% had less frequent new breakouts, as assessed by a dermatologist.  Oil production decreased in 89% of participants after three months of continuous use of the Proactiv Complete system and 78% reported a more even skin tone. The most common reason for ‘failure’ is that many people use a product for only 1 or 2 weeks before deciding that it is not working. It is very important to realise that even with the right products containing high quality, active blemish-fighting ingredients (such as salicylic acid), it takes time and perseverance to see results.  Very occasionally, a few more breakouts may appear in the early weeks. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is part of the journey as Proactiv Complete products will bring any residual debris and bacteria to the skin surface. This doesn’t mean Proactiv Complete products are making your skin worse, quite the opposite – it means they are working! Don’t be tempted to give up - continue to use the new Proactiv Complete three-step system twice daily for at least six weeks before you decide if the products are right for you. And remember, we are there to support you throughout your journey on Twitter and Facebook.