I airbrush my skin. Yep, I said it.

I don’t get angry breakouts like some people, but the odd blemishes and redness get to me so much that I tend to smooth out every picture that I post of myself online. Not over edited, but enough so you can’t tell that I’ve got a few little bumps. Throughout my teenage years there was barely a blemish on my face but as I got older and my stress levels grew in university – so did my breakouts.

My problematic areas are my forehead, across my cheekbones and down into my jawline with little bumps popping up in groups and making me unhappy. I used to put them down to hormones but there was a lot more reason which we can get into in a minute.

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Bare Faced Confidence.

Over the last few months, my skin has become a priority because not only do I want to be blemish free but the anti-ageing products need to step in too.

For skincare products, I’m a bit of a newbie and haven’t really tested around but I think I’ve found a routine that will stick. I’m currently using a range of Proactiv+ products integrated alongside Garnier Micellar water for make-up removal and a Vichy hydration mask twice weekly for a little boost. Other than that, Proactiv+ has taken over the bathroom shelf. The 3-step core system and eye brightening serum are firm favourites. Since using the products, my skin is noticeably clearer with the serum helping to reduce puffiness and brighten my eyes (so I actually look more awake without mascara)

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Proactiv+ Bare face  Proactiv+

 Updating my Winter Skincare Routine.

Winter is my favourite time of year in terms of the festivities. It also means a change up to my skincare routine though! Anything to keep my breakouts at bay while hydrating! Its a tricky mix because I always tend to associate moisture in my skin as being the root cause..........ultimately, its my diet going out of the window with daily hot chocolate!

I’ve been using the 3-step core kit from the beginning but only recently introduced the perfecting hydrator properly into my routine – having not needed it much through the summer. The core kit is a great range for anyone looking to start using Proactiv+. I usually use the skin exfoliant and pore targeting treatment but the perfecting hydrator is a recent addition, having previously only used it every other day (as recommended by the dermatologist – unless my skin seemed more dry than usual)

"The perfecting hydrator is a recent addition and I’ll be honest, its been a game changer. Its crazy how a lack in hydration causes so much dullness to the skin."

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My Final Results with Proactiv+

Can you believe it’s been six months since Proactiv+ first graced CopperGarden?! I’ve been using the range daily since August and couldn’t wait to share the finished results with you. I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever really had a ‘routine’ with my skincare - I’ve realised the importance of sticking to something more effective. Now it’s all about these three steps; cleanse, tone, moisturise. 

"Let’s talk about the results, because I’m really chuffed and haven’t stopped recommending the range to friends!"

Back in August, my skin was suffering a breakout that lasted for a few months. Within a fortnight of using the '3-step core kit' from Proactiv+, my blemishes cleared up. I noticed my skin was still improving and the addition of the Mark Fading Pads meant that my face was looking brighter too. As you can see from the ‘after’ images, my face is completely blemish-free. 

Copper Garden before / after

I honestly didn’t know what to expect upon finishing the trial but I’m very happy with the results and definitely want to keep using Proactiv+. The products are still part of my routine and given that my skin seems to have improved, I don’t think I will be switching them up any time soon!

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