Lottie, a science graduate who specialised in skincare and beauty, suffered from breakouts throughout her teenage years. While, like many, she grew out of the worst of her skin problems when she reached adulthood, she still has difficulties with blackheads, blemishes and an oily complexion. She’ll also be using our three-step system, as well as our non-comedogenic Instant Fix Concealer.  Here are her updates on her Proactiv+ skin care journey:

"Before my consultation with Dr Laura Savage, I nervously removed my makeup and had a 1 to 1 skin consultation with Laura, who carefully analysed my skin and my lifestyle and made recommendations for me.”

Month One: “I feel like my skin has really changed over the last month and I really hope it continues to improve!”

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Self-Improvement: The Best Version of You

Taking care of yourself is not something you should be ashamed of, or feel embarrassed about. It is an important part of life. It can also be quite tricky to help others when you’re in need of a little help yourself. You may not feel at your best all of the time, but there are a few things we can do to give ourselves a little boost.

"Back in January, I discovered Proactive+, a skincare brand known for treating spot-prone skin and clearing blemishes. To be honest with you, I have never had full blown acne. I’ve struggled with relentless breakouts, phases of blemishes and congested skin, however, and it really knocks my self-confidence. I’ve been religiously using Proactiv+ products twice daily now since January, and my skin has never looked clearer."



A Trip to Bob Bob Ricard

"I’ve now been using Proactiv+ products on my skin each and everyday since January, so I recently met up with the Proactiv+ team to catch up on our skin journeys so far."

"Proactiv+ kindly treated us to a wonderful dinner at the beautiful Bob Bob Ricard in London’s Soho. I had never been to Bob Bob Ricard before, and had only seen their famous “press for champagne” buttons on Instagram, so I couldn’t wait to see what it was like inside." 



My Thoughts on Proactiv+ Products

Month 6 of using Proactiv+ 3 Step System. "As you know, I’ve been religiously using Proactiv+ products since January. I’ve suffered from breakouts ever since I was about 13, and it’s really knocked my self-esteem and confidence on many occasions. My skin flairs up for various reasons – hormonal changes, stress, diet and external factors too, and I’ve always felt that I’ve been battling with it to clear it up!"

"Whenever I mention my Proactiv+ journey on Instagram or Snapchat etc. I always receive private messages asking about the individual products and for advice on the range, so I thought I would share my thoughts on everything on here for you."


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