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So, getting straight into it my issues with my skin have been something I've dealt with for a hell of a long time. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that last year I went on the medication Roaccutane and spent five months battling through the side effects to get the skin I have today. 

It was towards the end of 2015 and into the beginning of 2016 that my skincare issues truly peaked. I was going through quite a stressful time and that manifested itself in the form of the worst breakout I'd ever had. My skin went from not-great-but-manageable to being straight up horrific. I had never been upset by my skin in the past, but this was the first time I actually cried about it. I didn't want to go out of the house. I remember putting on a full face of Estee Lauder Double Wear and you could still see the bumps so I cancelled my plans for the day.

Currently I'm happy with my skin being reasonably blemish free that I want to keep it that way forever (hopefully!). So, that's where Proactiv+ comes in. Their products are designed to help with blemishes and to keep your skin clear, but they can always work after Roaccutane to maintain the complexion, which is what I'll be using it for.

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  A Skincare Journey with Proactiv+

Welcome back to another instalment of my Proactiv collaboration. In August, I went down to London to see the PR gals and to meet with a dermatologist to discuss how Proactiv would work for me and my skin. We were told all about what causes blemishes - in all of their forms, blackheads and whiteheads - by Laura (Proactiv's Dermatologist).

In my one to one with Laura we discussed all of the products in the Proactiv+ range and a selection of products were picked that would suit my skin best. Checkout my full review on the Proactiv+ products HERE


Proactiv+  Skincare

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My Proactiv+ Skincare Favourites

For the last few months I've been working with Proactiv to see if their products can help keep my skin clear after being on Roaccutane. I've been testing them out since August now so, of course, I've developed a few favourites along the way as their skincare genuinely does work!

Here is a round up of my favourite products from the Proactiv+ range:

The Proactiv 'Skin Smoothing Exfoliator' is basically step number one in the process. I really love using this as a second cleanse on an evening after I've removed my makeup to give my skin a really good clean!

Mark fading Pads are really handy for fading those stubborn marks that you may have after a breakout. I find these particularly useful around the chin or jawline, as I find any blemishes I get around there are tend to leave marks so using these on a regular basis does seem to do a great job at accelerating the fading process. 

The Proactiv Re-Texturising Toner unclogs pores and helps smooth your skin out, which is ideal after you've had any blemishes (darn you hormones!). I do use this daily and you really do notice a difference over time!



A Skincare Journey with Proactiv - The Final Results

We've come to the end of my little journey with Proactiv+. I've been documenting the journey as I've been going, but today I'm chatting about the final results and how my skin actually looks after using the products. Now, after being on Roaccutane, my skin was left quite clear so the products are being used to retain that and prevent blemishes rather than treat existing ones.

So here we have two makeup free photos - well apart from brows (they've just been waxed/tinted), mascara and lip balm, but you can forgive me for those - taken in the same place in my house. 

As you can see in the first photo, I do have some pigmentation around my mouth and chin and slightly down the sides of my cheeks (towards my ears). I also have some milia which I had previous to Roaccutane, but is also unfortunately a side effect of the treatment so I got a few little bumps during it. 

Moving onto the second photo (you can see a close up below), you can see that the pigmentation around my mouth and chin seems to have reduced. It's still slightly there, but I'm confident that using products like the Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads etc going forward will continue to remove this further. The marks towards the back of my cheekbones have got lighter also, so that's great!

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"Overall, I'm really impressed with the Proactiv+ range and would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with their skin or wants to take a preventative measure against blemishes."


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