Blackhead removal is easy with Proactiv+

Get the great skin you’ve always wanted with easy blackhead removal solutions from Proactiv®.

Proactiv+ is a highly effective blackhead removal product, designed to feel more like a luxurious skin care regime than a simple blemish removal system. Proactiv® solutions provide a range of skincare products designed specifically to help clear blemishes and help prevent future breakouts from forming.

Our products have already been used by millions of people to remove blackheads and help them to achieve clear, beautiful, star-quality skin - even celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger and Adam Levine are regular users of these fantastic products.

Easy and desirable to use, Proactiv+ soothes your skin and keeps it feeling wonderful, with a great aroma that lasts throughout the day.

With continued use, Proactiv+ products work long-term, unlike simple spot solutions, to constantly make your skin feel fabulous and help keep it blemish-free.

Banish blackheads

Standard blemish products that can be bought in the shops are often designed primarily to get rid of existing pimples, and do not work to complete the full blackhead removal process - this is how Proactiv+ products are different.

A combination system, Proactiv+ targets blackhead removal with a variety of ingredients that work together to manage and combat breakouts. These ingredients gently exfoliate the skin and unplug pores, to leave the skin feeling fresh and blemish-free.

Breakouts or blackheads can affect anyone at any age, not just teenagers going through puberty. The effects on people are both physical and psychological, resulting in a loss of confidence.

Proactiv+ offers a solution that truly works on blackhead removal for a clearer, blemish-free glowing face, no matter who you are or what your age.