Brent's Story

"Proactiv+ has Transformed my skin"

Proactiv+ customer Brent shares with us the story of how our skincare products impacted his life for the better. As a man with pimples and blemishes he didn’t feel as though he had the opportunity or means to cover them up. They were always there playing on his mind and knocking his confidence further and further down.

It’s common to think that simple soap and water will one day solve all your skin care problems, but we know this is not the case for everyone. This doesn’t mean you need to fill your washbags and cabinets full of high-priced products with complicated names either. Proactiv+’s skincare kits provide you with a simple routine that is designed to get to the route of blemishes and give you long lasting clear skin.

Losing Confidence Because of Pimples

Brent is a reminder of how sometimes it is easy to forget that men also fall victim to the confidence crushing effects of pimples and blemishes. Proactiv+ skin care products are created to clear skin by remedying the underlying causes of pimples; they’re there to help the skin of both men and women.

“I kind of had given up before Proactiv+ came into my life. I was just back to using a generic face wash and holding faith that I’ll outgrow my breakouts at some point in my life. But there was no real confidence that that would happen until I started using Proactiv+... My breakouts had a huge effect on my self-confidence.

When they got really bad I wouldn’t really want to be around people.

Because I know that instead of looking into my eyes during a conversation they might get distracted by the giant bumps on my face. And, so, having breakouts did have a really big effect on my self-confidence."


Desperately Searching for a Solution

Having suffered with pimples and blemishes for as long as he could remember, Brent was desperately seeking a solution. The worst part of the search? The anxiety that comes with looking for any way to fix the effects of pimples can be very stressful in turn cause more breakouts.

“I’ve tried a lot, before trying Proactiv+. I tried creams. I tried face pads. I tried washes and hot towels. Everything! I did try toothpaste once and it left my skin more minty than clear… nothing really gave me lasting results. Some things would clear my skin up for maybe a couple of days and then it would just come back in full force, but nothing really worked.

It was really frustrating using a million different products and not ever getting results...”

The myth that the best face wash for men is soap and water has been told for far too long and we’re here to dispel it. Proactiv+ is an easy to adopt skin care routine that includes products such as face wash and moisturisers for men and women. Our skin care kits mean you will no longer have to search high and low for different products from different brands to build the ideal skin care routine for yourself. It’s a hassle free remedy that simply gets to the underlying cause of blemishes to help you achieve the confidence and clear skin you’ve been looking for.

“Proactiv+ was the first thing I used that actually gave me lasting results more so than any other product that I’ve ever used. Proactiv+ really works. It really worked for me… And it continues to really work for me. It really works more than any other product that I’ve ever tried...”

Clear Skin Revealed

Whilst we at Proactiv+ believe that beauty is far more than skin deep, we also understand the overbearing effects pimples and blemishes can have on your confidence and personality. Without the feeling of dread that follows you around, when all you’re doing is worrying about your skin, we know happiness is quick to follow.

"Life with Proactiv+ and life without breakouts is a whole new life at least for me. It’s a life of confidence and freedom and much higher self-esteem and less vulnerability I would say because I just feel more confident. I feel happier. I feel like I can speak to anybody I want to speak with. I can do anything I want to do without this voice in the back of my head telling me to worry about my breakouts and worry about my pimples on my face because that’s all other people are looking for. It’s kind of a curse to have breakouts. And life with Proactiv+ has broken that curse for me…"