Jessica's Story

"Proactiv+ has completely changed my skin"

At Proactiv+, we know that the condition of your skin can have a real impact on you, your life and your wellbeing. That’s why we’ve created products that help you to reclaim control of your skin, leaving you ready to take on the world with a clear, radiant complexion.

For business woman Jessica, skin problems had been a battle throughout her teenage years and into her adult life. Clear, radiant skin was something she’d dreamed of in high school, but whatever products she used or changes she made, nothing seemed to work.

Like many skin problem sufferers, stress and change caused breakouts for Jessica. After moving to a different part of the country, she found that her skin just got worse. And with that transition, her skin problems began to have even more of an effect on her confidence and self-esteem.

“And just before [tried] this product my skin had broken out really bad because I had just moved to a different part of the country and I was going through a transition. So, stress really can bring out skin problems for me I find. So, I was in a really bad place with my skin…”

As a business woman, Jessica always felt confident speaking to people and had always felt good about her ability to interact with her colleagues. Like many, when her skin was clear, she felt self-assured and ready to take on the world. But when she had breakouts or when her skin was really bad, getting on with her day-to-day life became really tough.

“I always felt very good about my ability to interact with people, I mean, I’m a business woman. I don’t lack the confidence to speak to people, but when I had really bad problems with my skin or if something would happen like a breakout before I could do anything about it, it just really made me feel self-conscious.”

The answer for her was to cover up her breakouts with makeup, but even that didn’t stop the worry that people were judging her for her skin problems. She felt that people would look at her and think “it’s kind of odd that you are a successful person, but you have this terrible skin”. As a woman who was in an out of meeting rooms and dealing with people every day, Jessica’s skin problems were having a real effect on her confidence, wellbeing and outlook on life. 


“Proactiv+ has changed my skin, which has made an incredible difference in how I feel.”

All of that changed when she tried Proactiv+. Jessica’s skin was completely transformed. She found that the most dramatic change was how smooth and even her skin felt, and how clear her skin has been since using Proactiv+.

Most importantly, Proactiv+ transformed how she felt. Before her new skincare routine, she was worried about what people thought and how they judged her skin. Now, she just feels great. Instead of caking on makeup before going to a meeting, she can walk into the room with confidence, knowing that she’s in control of her skin. Even simple things, like looking someone in the eye, is made easier with the confidence that comes with clear skin.

“And one thing I’ve noticed is that ever since my skin has really cleared up, I just feel great. Like I feel like I don’t have to worry about caking on a bunch of makeup before I got to a meeting. If I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, I don’t have to worry about that. And, I don’t feel like people are looking at my skin when I’m talking to them.”

“I’m moving through my life differently now that my skin is clear in the simple fact that I can look people in the eye and feel more confident that they’re not judging me for my skin being bad.”

Since using Proactiv+, Jessica has got a spring in her step and she feels like it’s easier to take on the world on her own terms. With skin that’s consistent, Jessica is in control of her own destiny. She’s no longer ”that person that has these bad problems” with her skin, but someone who can get what she wants with confidence.

“I feel a little bit lighter on my feet…You don’t have to be that person that has these bad problems with your skin and you can be more in control of your destiny, or you can have what you want. And it makes a huge difference…”

The only thing Jessica wishes is that she had tried Proactiv+ sooner. Having seen the Proactiv+ adverts, she worried that it wouldn’t work, because nothing she had tried ever worked. But after trying the skincare range and enjoying transformed, clear and glowing skin, she’d recommend Proactiv+ to anyone:

“If someone was considering buying Proactiv Plus and they really felt like this is a huge commitment… The first thing I would say to them is do it, because there’s the 60-day money back guarantee. But then, it’s also going to work...”

At Proactiv+, we’re delighted that Jessica has taken control of her skin. We truly believe that clear skin is just the beginning. With beautiful skin that’s at its natural best, you can feel ready to take on the world with confidence.

If you’re wondering how to get clear skin and have, like Jessica, tried hundreds of products, regimes and routines that just don’t work, try Proactiv+. Developed by world-renowned dermatologists, Proactiv+’s three-step cleansing routine is an easy, simple regime that can really make a difference. And because we promise you clear, radiant and blemish free skin with Proactiv+, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not absolutely delighted with our products.