Joy's Story

"Proactiv+ changed my life!"

For Joy, her breakouts began in her adult years. While many skin problem suffers find that their breakouts happen during adolescence, Joy enjoyed beautifully clear skin in her teens. It wasn’t until she turned 25 that her skin changed. From flawless and blemish-free, Joy began to suffer from severe breakouts that were red, sore and at times cyst-like. And as she got older, her breakouts just got worse.

“And then I started down the road of horrible breakouts. And I got older and they got worse. And it was like, is this going to ever stop?”

Juggling a hectic lifestyle, Joy’s breakouts became an added stress. Joy is a busy mum of two, and at the time  she also worked as an IT analyst, studied for her undergraduate degree as well as volunteered as a mentor for high school students. Needless to say, with such an active lifestyle, problematic skin was an added burden and something that affected her every day.

“It’s tough, you know, to just continue on with the morning like nothing is wrong and you know that you just don’t feel your best inside.”   

And while Joy felt like a confident person, her skin problems started to have an effect on her self-esteem. For her, breakouts became the norm and every day became a challenge. While she tried to stay positive, there were some days that looking in the mirror was a struggle.

“So, there were days when I’d wake up, you know, not really want to look in the mirror because I could feel it. Like, I could feel sore spots on my face. Um, I could feel breakouts before even looking in the mirror.”

It affected her confidence too. As a business woman and someone who dealt with the public every day, she was anxious about what people thought of her skin.

“I would often feel as though people were judging me and also, though they were staring at my, my breakouts or the red spots or the blemishes or whatever was going on.”

To combat her skin problems and to regain her self-confidence, Joy spent years trying to figure out how to get flawless skin again. She tried countless different skincare products, home remedies and cures. She watched YouTube tutorials and reviews and she turned to search engines to find new skincare remedies. But while some products seemed to help, none of the products or remedies she tried worked for longer than a month.

But Joy did try one last skincare product, and that product transformed both her skin, her confidence and her outlook on life.

Needless to say, when Joy tried Proactiv+, she wasn’t expecting miracles. After years of disappointment, she didn’t believe that another product could make such a difference. But it did.

“I love that Proactiv+ changed my life.”




While many people look for a solution that will get rid of spots quickly, Joy wasn’t interested in a product that would give her short term relief, only to have her blemishes return in a few weeks. She wanted a skincare routine that would clear her skin in the long term and Proactiv+ has done just that.

“I wanted something to consistently work for me and improve my skin not just fix it for the moment, but over time see an improvement and, and know that it’s working.”

When she first started to use Proactiv+, she noticed an immediate change to her skin. In the first week, her skin felt more even, the texture changed and her skin’s tone improved.

“…when I started using Proactiv+  I immediately within the first week the texture and tone of my skin it, it was, I knew something was going on behind my skin.”

In the first six weeks, she noticed a more dramatic change. Her breakouts became less and less, and if she did have a small breakout, the soreness and redness simply weren’t there. Her severe cyst-like breakouts, which she found really difficult to deal with, also became much less frequent. In fact, she hasn’t had a severe breakout in months.

“I can’t tell you the last time I had a breakout that was, you know, sore or, um, cyst like. That, that’s been some months.”

At Proactiv+, we’re delighted at the improvement in Joy’s skin. But we’re equally delighted at the fact that her clearer skin has had such a positive impact on her confidence and outlook on life. 

Whereas before, Joy struggled looking in the mirror and worried every day about what people thought of her skin, she’s been able to put those feelings behind her.

“…when I say it changed my life it, it just helped me to feel better daily and to know that I didn’t have to deal with something that was a physical reaction that I couldn’t prevent. And knowing that I had to just move on with it and not worry about it, knowing that I could wake up and feel good about myself, that is life changing, you know.”

Since using Proactiv+ and since her skin improvements, Joy has been feeling energized and excited about who she is. Her feelings of self-doubt have gone and she feels more confident and ready to take on life’s opportunities.

“I feel like my spirit is stronger and I feel more confident and that comes through in addition to the skin being clearer and more even and no longer broken out and red.”

Our philosophy is that problematic skin should never hold you back. Whatever your age or lifestyle, we believe that clear skin isn’t just for those who are born with it. A healthy complexion is achievable whatever the condition of your skin, and we believe that everyone deserves the confidence that comes with beautiful skin.

If you, like Joy, have tried countless skincare routines and cures to try and get clear skin, try Proactiv+. Our simple, three-step cleansing routine helps to clear breakouts, prevent new blemishes and nourish your skin, all at the same time. Our products have been developed by dermatologists, and they are designed to be a long term solution for those who suffer from breakouts and blemishes.