Naya's Story

“Proactiv+ changed my life”

At Proactiv, we know that having problematic skin can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself.

For Naya, the condition of her skin really affected her self-esteem  as she had suffered from breakouts, blemishes and an uneven skin tone from an early age. Her breakouts began in middle school, right at the start of her teenage years. Like many skin problem sufferers, she thought that her skin would begin to improve as she grew older, but that simply didn’t happen. Her breakouts continued into her twenties and it really made her feel isolated from her friends, who didn’t seem to be experiencing the same problems she was.

“Growing up when things change and you start to become an adult, you just think that these things are going to go away. And seeing all my friends and my family, you know, their faces changing and mine isn’t, I felt really bad.”

As she continued to battle her skin condition throughout adulthood, Naya’s confidence was at an all-time low. She felt like, because of her skin problems, she wasn’t as attractive as her friends. She felt like they were more beautiful than her because they had clear skin.

As she compared her skin to her friends and peers, she began to wonder whether she was doing something wrong. Was there something that she had done to cause her blemishes and breakouts? Was there something that she was missing? Ever since her skin began to cause her problems in middle school, she’d tried countless products and remedies to get clear skin. But nothing worked.

“And I got to a place where I thought nothing would work. I, I just kind of gave up on myself and my skin because you try so many different things, and you feel like something has to give.”

And because nothing seemed to work for her skin, she began to feel that she would never be beautiful and that she would never have the confidence that comes with clear skin. It was a feeling that was always with her and one that had a real impact on her self-esteem.

“Feeling like I wasn’t as beautiful as them was very frustrating for me because that made me feel like I would never, never feel beautiful. That’s how I felt all the time.”


For Naya, her defense mechanism was to cover her breakouts with makeup. She felt that without wearing makeup, people would judge her for her skin and she worried that people would view her differently if they saw the condition of her skin.

While wearing makeup and hiding her skin made her feel a little more confident and ready to face the world, it was still a burden and still affected how she lived her day-to-day life. Because she felt that she had to wear makeup, she felt limited by what she could do. Before hanging out with friends, going shopping or going on dates, Naya had to make sure that her makeup was perfect. She had to plan in time to do her makeup before every event; she couldn’t just get up and go.

“I have absolutely tried to hide my skin for as long as I can remember. I don’t go anywhere without makeup…So I would say, wait, let me put on my makeup. Let me, you know, let me get ready. And I would definitely do that going out, um, going shopping, hanging out with friends, uh, going on dates. I would definitely have to prep for that makeup time before I would go out. So, it was, it definitely hindered me.”

For Naya, her skin, confidence and need to cover up all changed when she started using Proactiv+. From the very first day, she felt a complete difference in her skin.

“The first time I used Proactiv+, I could tell on the first night that this was going to be a miracle. Because after the first night, I noticed that my skin was soft and my skin hasn’t felt soft in a long time.”

And as she continued to use our simple skincare routine, she continued to notice a difference in her complexion. As she kept up with the products, she began to notice that her blemishes began to fade, her skin tone evened out and most importantly for her, her pores started to  appear smaller.

“As I kept using Proactiv+ , I noticed that, of course, the skin started to change. Um, my blemishes started to fade. I noticed that my pores were starting to become smaller. And that is one thing that’s been really big with my skin because I have really big pores”

And with prolonged use of Proactiv+, her skin became radiant and glowing. Before, Naya’s skin was something she felt that she had to hide. Today, her complexion is something that she can feel confident in. And it’s not just Naya that noticed a difference. She’s started to get compliments about her healthy skin, which is something she never expected. 

As well as transforming the way that her skin looks, Proactiv+ has also made a huge difference to how Naya feels about herself. For her, the best thing about having clear skin is that she can be herself. 

“The best thing about having clear skin is that I can be myself. I don’t have to hide. I don’t have to be worried about what people think. I can just get up and go. I don’t have to worry about how it looks, you know. It, it just makes me happy.”

For Naya, Proactiv+ completely transformed her skin and changed her life. While she was skeptical when she first started using Proactiv+ products, after experiencing years of disappointment with other products, she would now recommend Proactiv+ to anyone.

“I absolutely feel like now is the time to trust Proactiv+. Don’t wait. I mean, your life can change right now. So, do it. Hurry.”

“If it worked for me, it could work for anybody. I was skeptical and I am a believer.”