Rose's Story

“Proactiv+ has given me incredible skin”

One of the most frustrating, soul-destroying things about breakouts is feeling helpless; especially when you don't understand what causes pimples that seem to appear for no reason. No matter how hard you wish for those pesky blackheads or whiteheads to disappear, they just don’t seem to want to. 

Well, one thing you can find reassuring is that you are not alone. Most people will experience this during their life, like our Proactiv+ picture of success, Rose.

“I first started breaking out in high school. I was running a lot so I was sweating, my skin was getting a lot of build-up, and that’s when I started noticing when one of them went away, another one comes back. I was like uh-oh, there’s a problem… “

What causes breakouts?

There are so many things that affect your skin, from the food you eat and the make-up you wear to the small stresses that are part of normal, everyday life. The worst part is that the whole thing seems to feel like a never ending cycle of problems designed to crush your confidence. As with Rose, you might start to find yourself worrying about your skin, which then makes it worse; eventually it just fully infiltrates every aspect of your life. 

“I do believe that when I go out with friends and even family members, that everybody’s looking at me, looking at my face because I have all these breakouts… and they leave dark makes me feel ugly. That’s what I see when I look in the mirror…”


Thinking About Clear Skin?

We know that like Rose, it is so easy for blemishes to pull down your confidence; they start to become the most important thing in the world. Rose began to feel insecure and self-conscious, almost afraid to step outside because of her outbreaks. Of course we all become experts at covering them up, but it will never be the same knowing that just under the surface lurk dingy nose blackheads, whiteheads round your mouth and more.

“I believe breakouts are a huge thing for me and whoever else dealing with the problem because when you become self-conscious insecurity steps in…it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, you don’t see it...”

Proactiv+ Skin Care Products

The most important thing to remember is that blemishes are not your fault. They are not always a sign of being unclean or not taking care of yourself, but rather your body’s natural reaction to life and the changes you go through. We at Proactiv+ understand this and incorporate our understanding of what causes blemishes into our beauty products.

Incorporating Proactiv+ into your Skin Care Routine

Proactiv+ skin care products don’t only help to clear pimples and blemishes; they are a long-term solution for the once never ending question of how to get clear skin. Proactiv+ go beyond just providing a product, we enjoy seeing how our products bring out their confidence and happiness in our users.

“I’ve been waiting on clear skin and dreaming about clear skin. It’s been so long...Proactiv+ has given me incredible skin, but also I like the way it makes my face feel. It feels a lot smoother…It feels amazing, I feel wonderful, I feel blessed. I’m happy."

If you’re interested in learning more about the skin and really getting down to the nitty, gritty about how to get good skin, then explore the Proactiv+ website further. We explain how to get flawless skin with the simple things you do every day, how blemishes appear and how to interpret your skin.

“Yes, I get a lot of compliments from a lot of people. A lot of people ask me what am I using? Especially friends. Yeah, friends I’ve had around me. They’ve asked me like what are you using? What is different? Of course. It feels amazing.”