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For health conscious Skai, breakouts and blemishes have been an on-and-off problem since her teenage years. With periods of bad breakouts affecting her confidence, she was ready to take control of her skin with our three-step system. Like our other bloggers, she’ll be using our three-step system along with our Makeup Cleansing Wipes, Mark Fading Pads and our Skin Purifying Mask.

Proactiv is known to treat existing blemishes as well as prevent new ones from forming in 3 simple steps. My aim is to follow a routine for the next 6 months and use Proactiv and fingers crossed see some results!”

Month One: “To begin with I remember seeing no difference at all in the first week, literally nothing happened - in fact it got worse! I remember feeling down and wondering whether it was even worth it to keep going. But I did.”

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Month 2: 'I think my before and 3 month update photo pretty much speaks for itself and I cannot say more than Thank you.'

Cannot believe it has been over 3 months already since I first began my Proactiv+ journey. Proactiv+ have been looking after us so much, arranging regular meet-ups, open chats to the dermatologist and girls at Label PR to see how we're getting on and topping us up with products.

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