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My skin was never usually something I struggled with. To be perfectly honest, as long as I'd taken my makeup off with a wipe and moisturised before I went to sleep I was satisfied it was looked after and didn't tend to have many problems with it at all. However as I've gotten a bit older and my lifestyle has changed, I've found myself tackling frequent breakouts and battling blemishes more than ever before. 

When an opportunity with Proactiv+ arose to give me a six-month trial of their amazing products I practically bit their hand off. Having been familiar with their brilliant success stories via their TV ads and also through following some fellow bloggers progressthat have used the products, I was pretty excited to get my hands on some myself. Not to mention this project was the perfect excuse to finally work out a strict, solid, but easy to maintain skincare routine that would suit my on-the-go lifestyle too.

'Proactiv+ products are known to target breakouts and blemishes in a simple 3 step skincare routine that, if used properly overtime,can also prevent new ones appearing in addition to addressingwhat's already there'. 

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 Proactiv+ Better Skin Journey

Throughout my journey of using Proactiv's products, I've notice improvements in my skin which continue. My t-zone blackheads have virtually disappeared and there's been a huge reduction in blemishes around my forehead. 

For our latest meet up, I met with the Proactiv+ team and a handful of other influencers at Duck & Dry for an afternoon of pampering in London just in time for my trip to Italy. I had the chance to have another one-to-one session with the wonderful Proactiv+ dermatologist Dr Laura Savage. We discussed the progress my skin was making and noted the improvements I was seeing as well as discussing points moving forwards to combat the remaining niggling problems. 

Despite a reduction, I do still suffer with occasional, stubborn breakouts. around my forehead area Laura advised that I drink a lot more water alongside using the products, as my skin (and body) is easily dehydrated with all the traveling I've been doing lately.

"As you can see, I'm pretty chuffed with my skin's progress so far and can't wait to share more with you in my next Proactiv+ post."

Style Confessional


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