Skin Concerns for Adults

Discover these shocking appearance statistics!

Proactiv+ conducted a survey on the 'Appearance Concerns of Adults'. The survey was conducted in March 2017 with a sample size of 1,100 between the ages of 25-50yrs. 
Gender: Female overall
+ Mums 400 (40%)
+ Non Mums 400 (40%)
+ Males 200 (20%)

General Appearance Concerns

Nearly 87% of adults worry about their appearance. 

+ Over a third of adults (37.7%) have little confidence in their appearance.

+ The average teen starts worrying about their appearance at the young age of 12.

Over 60% of adults think they worry about their appearance excessively.  

+ Almost 70% have suffered with problem skin. 

+ The average adult was aged almost 14 years when they started to suffer from breakouts.  

 Social Media Appearance Concerns

53% of adults think social media makes them more concerned about their appearance.  

+ But over 68%  don’t want to be tagged in photos on social media. 

 + Over 40% of adults avoid being included in photos, 28% have asked friends to remove photos from social media, and over 20% have edited pictures for social media. 

Avoiding Social Situations

The average adult has done the following due to worries about their skin/breakouts.  In order of prevalence:

32.15%.  Worn excessive make up (female only).  

30.97% Avoided having their photo taken. 

27.02%.  None of the above.

19.53%.  Edited photos on social media. 

+ 17.36%.  Made an excuse to avoid going out with friends.  

15.38%.  Asked a friend to remove a picture from social media.  

 + 9.27%.  Pretended to be sick to avoid school or work.  

+ 11.64%.  ONLY do not have appearance worries.  

7.10%.  Worn a hat / sunglasses to cover themselves.  

+ 3.55%.  Cancelled a date.  

Home Remedies

60% of adults have tried a home remedy with nearly 40% never having tried one. Here are the favourite methods adults have tried:

+ 23.50% >  Drinking 8 glasses of water a day.  

22.70% > Tea Tree Oil. 

18.90% > Toothpaste.  

17.50% > Avoid oily or junk food.  

11.90% >  Change diet.

+ 8.80% > Hot/Cold compress.  

7.20% >  Aloe Vera product.  

5.90% > Cucumber slices or juice.  

4.40% > Almond Oil.  

Blemish Concerns

+ Being overweight is the biggest concern for an adult (47%)  having breakouts came in 5th biggest concern at 30% (30.79%).  

+ Over 90% of adults still suffer from breakouts.

+ And a huge 94% suffered breakouts as a teenager.  

Blackhead / Uneven Skin Tone Concerns

+ The 8th biggest appearance worry for adults was blackheads, with over 20% saying blackheads concerned them. 

+ And with over 50% citing blackheads as the most prevalent skin problem after breakouts. 

+ Over 20% of adults worried about uneven skin tone. 


Bad Habits

The adults surveyed reported on the following bad habits:

+ 49% do not get enough sleep

48.90%.  Drink alcohol. 

 + 39.50%.  Squeeze blemishes.  

38.50%.  Poor diet.  

35.90%.  Drink sugary drinks.

29.10%.  Go to bed without cleansing face.  

28.50%.  Go into the sun without sunscreen. 

24.60%.  Avoid Exercise.  

20.80%.  Go into the sun without eye protection (sunglasses).  

18.30%.  Smoke. 

+ 17.30%.  Use old/out of date make up.  

14.50%.  Use dirty make up brushes.  

12.10%.  Prefer not to say / None of the above.  

7.70%.  Use sunbeds.  

5.20%.  Use excessive make up/beauty products.