Skin Concerns for Teenagers

Discover these shocking appereance statistics!



Proactiv+ conducted a survey on the 'Appearance Concerns of Adults'. The survey was conducted in March 2017 with a sample size of 1,000 between the ages of 13 - 19yrs. 
+ Female - 709 (71%)
+ Male - 291 (29%)

 General Appearance Concerns

+Nearly 87% of teens worry about their appearance.

+ Over a third of teens have little confidence in their appearance.  

+ The average teen starts worrying about their appearance at the young age of 12

+ The average teen spends over an hour and a half a day worrying about their appearance.

Over 65% of teens think they worry about their appearance excessively.  

+ Almost 70% have suffered with problem skin. 

+ The average teen was aged 13 years when they started to suffer from breakouts. 

+ The average time suffered is over 3 and a half years.  


Advertising: What would influence a teen to purchase a new breakout solution.

37.70%.  Skincare Expert / Expert Opinion.  

+ 37.40%.  Ratings & Reviews. 

+ 31.20%.  Price

+ 29.60%.  Real Users Experience.

+ 21.90%.  Nothing.  

+ 20.50%.  Scientific research. 

+ 16.30%.  Brand Name.  

+ 12.90%.  Advertising.  

+ 11.00%.  Influencer. 

+ 10.40%.  Celebrity.  

+ 5.50%. Packaging.  

+ 2.40%.  Other.  

Blemish Concerns

Over 60% of teens said their biggest concern about their appearance was pimples. 

+ This is probably because a staggering 89.21% of teens have suffered from breakouts. 

 Blackhead Concerns

+ The 5th biggest appearance worry for teens was blackheads, with over 30% saying blackheads concerned them.  

+ And with over 50% citing this as the most prevalent skin problem after breakouts. 

+ Blackheads are an issue of equal importance for both girls (54.53%) and boys (51.14%).  

Avoiding Social Situations

The average teen has done the following due to worries about their skin/breakouts.  In order of prevalence:

47.78%.  Worn excessive make up (girls only). 

32.31%.  Avoided having their photo taken

28.06%.  Edited photos on social media. 

26.02%.  None of the above.

+ 22.45%.  Asked a friend to remove a picture from social media.  

19.05%.  Made an excuse to avoid going out with friends

12.76%.  Pretended to be sick to avoid school or work. 

8.84%.  ONLY do not have appearance worries.  

+ 5.78%.  Worn a hat / sunglasses to cover themselves. 

+ 3.40%.  Cancelled a date.  (Sample Size 588).