Blackhead Remover

Blackheads can heal on their own, but considering they’re unsightly and their appearance can affect confidence, you may want to accelerate the process by adopting a preventative and healing daily facial cleansing routine.

Step one of the Proactiv+ programme is cleansing. This stage will first remove the dirt and oils sitting on the surface of your skin, leaving you with a "blank canvas" before targeting the blackheads. The exfoliation will help to remove dead skin cells, unblock clogged pores, and lift the seemingly "black" plugs out of the skin.

The Pore Targeting Treatment will help deliver salicylic acid into the pores where blemishes begin. Next, the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator will hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling supple, smooth, even-toned and bright.

What is a blackhead?

A blackhead is referred to medically as an "open comedo", or if there is more than one they are called "comedones". The black or yellowish mark is a plug in the pore caused by excess oils that have collected in the duct of the sebaceuos gland.



The blackhead itself is a combination of keratin and modified sebum (oil from the gland), which blackens as it oxidises. When the blockage is excreted, it may look dark at the top and more yellow underneath.

Blackheads tend to occur in follicles that have a wider than average opening.

 Stopping blackheads - preventative techniques

To help reduce the chances of blackheads recurring, it's important to set aside time to routinely clean your face thoroughly morning and night.

Wash your hands prior to applying the Proactiv+ range and blackhead remover. To get a better view of the area you're working on, you may want to use a magnifying mirror.

Additional practices such as steaming may help, i.e. by leaning your face carefully over a bowl of hot (not boiling) water and/or taking a hot shower. Steaming will soften the skin and open the pores, allowing you to remove any blackheads. Holding a hot facecloth to your face will soften your skin and open pores, too.

Either side of your daily skin care routine, keep hand to face contact to a minimum. Also, try not to touch, pick or squeeze blackheads and whiteheads to avoid scarring sensitive facial skin and to prevent bacteria in blocked pores from spreading.

While blackheads can heal naturally, blackhead remover applications are available that will help accelerate the process, clearing your pores more quickly and leaving you with a glowing, vibrant complexion for longer. The Proactiv+ three-step plan of cleansing, targeting and hydrating tackles such blemishes head on. Apply morning and night.