How Proactiv's Luxurious Skin Care Routine Helps Fight Blemishes

If you’re looking for an alternative blemish control solution, Proactiv has it covered. By using our products, you can target breakouts before they even happen. Proactiv is a combination solution that targets blemishes and blackheads at the source, and gently exfoliates to leave your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

All blemishes begin with one basic lesion: as the skin continues to produce more oil, bacteria flourish within the swollen follicle, resulting in the surrounding skin becoming increasingly inflamed. White blood cells battle the intruders.

Though all pimples start the same way, they can take many forms and may behave differently from person to person. By taking advantage of our skincare routine, in addition to calming existing pimples and blackheads, the solution proactively helps deal with breakouts before they start.


 Attain glowing and blemish-free skin

The most important thing to remember about breakouts is they're not your fault.

Contrary to popular belief, breakouts are not caused by anything you're doing – what you eat, how often you wash your face or workout – but by a combination of factors at work far beneath the surface of your skin.

Lots of people suffer from blackheads and blemishes, but by using the combination of solutions we have on offer, you can benefit from clear skin. Our blemish system is more than just effective – it’s also easy and desirable to use.

Proactiv is soothing, feels great on the skin and has a pleasant aroma, and best of all, it works to encourage great skin that’s blemish-free.