How Proactiv Products Work to Prevent a Pimple from Developing

Why is our Proactiv solution so innovative?

Proactiv is a combination system - blending ingredients that work together to manage breakouts and promote clear skin. It combines our CombiActiv™ technology with salicylic acid to get to the source of the problem. These ingredients gently exfoliate your skin and unplug your pores.

How is Proactiv different?

Most of the blemish treatments you buy at the shop or chemist are designed primarily to get rid of existing pimples - but our 3-step system calms existing pimples and blackheads, proactively helping to deal with breakouts before they start.

We know that in order for a blemish system to work successfully, it must be attractive and easy to use - which is why we've developed our solution to feel like indulgent skin care, rather than just another blemish product. Pick up Proactiv today and take advantage of the soothing elements that will feel great on your skin.

Our unique formulations work together to treat blemishes in the following way:


Whipped Exfoliator:

Gently exfoliates the skin and allows the salicylic acid to penetrate your pores.



Gel Cream Solution:

 Delivers our CombiActiv technology, targeting the four major causes of blemishes.


Water Gel Hydrator:

Designed to leave skin feeling supple, smooth, even-toned and bright.