Discover Our Celebrity Skin Care Secrets

It’s a well kept secret that Proactiv+ is the foundation for numerous celebrity skin care routines.

For the likes of Julianne Hough and Jorgie Porter our products have helped banish their breakouts, prevent spots and get them on the path to clear, beautiful, star-quality skin.

Aside from the leading lights of Hollywood though, millions of people just like you have discovered our products offer solutions for blackhead removal and a route to blemish-free skin. By following a similar route, you can attain the same celebrity skin and achieve the complexion you’ve always wanted.

We provide a range of skincare products, supported and used by celebrities, designed to help clear blemishes and help prevent future breakouts from forming.

Attain blemish-free and glowing skin

Adopting a celebrity skin care routine is easy with Proactiv+.

Unlike most of the blemish control products you buy at the shop or chemist, our solution is not only a "spot lotion" designed to get rid of existing pimples.

Put simply, Proactiv+ is different from standard spot products, as it uses a combination system to calm existing pimples and blackheads and proactively helps deal with breakouts BEFORE they start.

We understand that a blemish system must be more than just effective – which is why we’ve designed it to be used every day and effortlessly incorporated into your daily skincare routine.

Our products have been developed to feel more like a celebrity’s routine than a simple blemish system, and attaining celebrity skin care couldn’t be easier with this three-step system – so why not try it out today?

"Let the radiance begin!"

Juilanne Hough