Myth Busting: Banishing Breakouts

It can sometimes seem that breakouts happen at the worst moment. Whether they appear before a school photo or you breakout before a work event, you might be tempted to try anything and everything to get rid of them quickly. But if you have had an outbreak and are looking for the best way to get rid of them, it’s just as important to sort the fact from the fiction. There are hundreds of products, home remedies and ‘cures’ out there that claim to clear your skin fast, but a lot of them simply don’t work. In fact, some of them can do more harm than good.

So, before you start trying out every skincare remedy in the book, the team at Proactiv have busted some common skin care myths.




Myth: Will the sun help?

A common skin care myth is that sunbathing will help get rid of your blemishes but before you head out to tan on a sunny day in the hope of clearing your skin, unpack your sunhat and invest in a good SPF sun cream. Tanning won't clear your skin, and being out in the sun without protection is likely to do more harm than good.

A tan makes your skin a darker shade, it might look like sunbathing gets rid of blemishes, but it's actually just making them appear less visible. Being out in the sun for long periods of time can also dry out your skin, meaning your skin problems could become even worse as your skin produces oils to rehydrate naturally. Of course, it goes without saying that the sun's UV rays are harmful to your skin too, even without blemishes or breakouts.

Proactiv Top Tip:

Don't look to the sun to get flawless, healthy skin. Instead, invest in a good skincare routine that helps to control breakouts and looks after your skin on a longer term basis. If you do go out in the sun, make sure that you protect your skin with SPF and wear a hat to shade your face.




Myth: does toothpaste help get rid of blemishes?

Your face, in particular, is extremely delicate, and toothpaste contains chemicals and ingredients that may be great for teeth, but not so great for your skin. At best, you may notice no change to your blemishes and at worst, you could suffer from chemical burns to your skin. This home remedy is one of the most touted clearing myths, and some people swear by applying toothpaste to clear pimples. However, using toothpaste is not just unlikely to work and can be very harmful to your skin.

Proactiv Top Tip:

Avoid using toothpaste as this could dry out your skin and make your breakouts much worse. Find a skincare product that suits your skin and get into a regular routine of taking care of your skin.





Myth: does moisturising make breakouts worse?

While not necessarily a home remedy, another skincare myth is that moisturising will make your breakouts worse. We can kind of see where this myth comes from. A lot of people think that oily breakouts or oily skin conditions don't need moisturising. Why add moisture to already oily skin, right?

Actually, all skin benefits from being moisturised and if you do have oily skin prone to breakouts, it doesn't mean that your skin doesn't need to be hydrated. Gentle moisturising with the right moisturiser that's suited to your skin condition can even help to keep your breakouts at bay.

Proactiv Top Tip:

Look for a moisturiser that's gentle and that won't clog up your pores. Our Green Tea Moisturiser, for example, is a lightweight formula that has been specially developed for blemish prone skin.  



Myth: Should I squeeze pimples to get rid of infection?

We hope that most people know that popping pimples is a big no-no. While it might be tempting, particularly if you're trying to get rid of whiteheads, it really is best to leave them well alone.

Whether you have a more serious or long term breakout, a lot of people think that popping pimples will help clear out the infection and allow them heal more quickly. In fact, squeezing them could mean that they take much longer to heal. Not only that, squeezing the skin can make the area more inflamed, meaning your pimples could look worse as well as take longer to heal.

It could also lead to infection, which could make the blemish look worse, as well as cause more skin problems further along the line. 

Proactiv Top Tip:

Keep your hands well away from your pimples! Stick to your skincare routine, and if you want to soothe blemished skin, try a treatment like our Redness Relief Serum. Trust us - your pimples will clear a lot quicker this way.






Myth: Does wearing makeup make pimples worse?

It's commonly said that those with skin problems or blemishes should avoid makeup entirely. Here at Proactiv, we know that, while there is a grain of truth in this myth, wearing makeup to cover your blemishes can help you to feel more confident and ready to face the world.

The fact is that you can wear makeup if you have blemishes or a breakout. The important thing to remember is that you need to find the right makeup to suit your skin. Some makeup products will clog your pores and could make your skin problems worse. However, there are a lot of makeup products on the market that will help to conceal your blemishes but also won't make them worse. In fact, some makeup products could even help to clear imperfections.

Proactiv Top Tip:

Look for makeup products that are made for blemish prone skin. They will be specially formulated to cover any redness or inflammation, but won't clog your pores. Our Repairing Concealer does just that but also includes Salicylic Acid, which is known for its blemish-fighting properties. Fragrance-free and dermatologist tested, it also comes in 4 shades, meaning you can customise your coverage to suit your skin tone.


Clear, naturally beautiful skin is not something that all of us enjoy. Whatever stage of life you're in, blemishes and breakouts can be common - and annoying. For more serious or long term breakouts, they can have an effect on your self-confidence and might even stop you from enjoying life to the full.

At Proactiv, we truly believe that clear skin is just the beginning and that glowing, blemish-free skin can help you look healthy and feel confident. We also know how frustrating it can be when you've had a breakout and you just want to get rid of them quickly. While you might hear about magic quick fixes or remedies that claim to get rid of your pimples overnight, it's important to think before you do anything that might damage your skin.

Our Proactiv products have been designed to give you clear skin with a simple, three-step cleansing programme. Our skincare range helps to clear blemishes and prevent future breakouts, all while nourishing your skin. So, instead of trying remedies that simply don't work, invest in a skincare routine that will give you naturally beautiful, clear skin.