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Nothing says 'WOW' like a good before and after photo. That's why we love seeing our customers progress with Proactiv+ products, keep us updated with your results!


Clear Skin Starts with You! 

Your before & after photos becomes proof of your amazing journey to a clear, beautiful complexion.

Step by step guide for good photos:

+ Remove all make-up, jewellery etc. Pull hair back and aviod a camera flash by using natural sunlight.

+ Make sure your front or side profile fills up most of the frame.

+ Take a few pictures and pick the best before and after photos

+ Upload your before & after photos

Please note, you must be 18 years of age or older to submit a photo. By submitting these photos, you grant us and All Response Media (our media agency) permission to contact you to obtain your consent.* Sorry we are unable to return submitted photos regardless of format

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Your Proactiv+ Story

At Proactiv, we know that everyone deserves a beautifully clear complexion and invite our customers to submit their before & after photos to show off the results!